A downloadable asset pack

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Pixel art player animations to use for your platformer.

The following animations are included with more coming soon:

  • Idle
  • Idle Transition Slide
  • Jump (Rise/Mid/Fall)
  • Landing
  • Front Flip (Double Jump)
  • Crouching
  • Crawling
  • Rolling
  • Sliding
  • Dashing
  • Ledge Hang
  • Ledge Climb
  • Wall Slide
  • Knockback
  • Look Up
  • Combat: Ground Slam Attack
  • Combat: Sword Attack 01
  • Combat: Combo Sword Attack 01
  • Combat: Combo Sword Attack 02
  • Combat: Combo Sword Attack 03
  • Combat: Combo Sword Attack 04

More combat sprites coming soon.

Note: The download contains the original .aseprite files for the player, a sprite sheet with all the animations and separated PNG files for each animation separated by folders.

Can be modified, or used personally and commercially with no crediting required.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

pixel_platformer_player.zip 214 kB

Development log


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H3llo, I am looking forward to purchasing this asset. Is it possible to pay with a card instead of PayPal? I have emailed you.

Hi there. Thanks for the post.

I have sent a response via email. Let me know if you received it, thanks.


when your character will have segmented parts like gloves, arm, pants, shirt, boots, helmet (not one white suit) then will be easy to edit color to each part of uniform an make lot of characters

Hi Jonasz,

Thanks so much for the suggestion and feedback.

That is a great idea and I will definitely keep that in mind to add that as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

Kindest regards,



Hey, how can I buy this with a card instead of PayPal? I really love this asset, thanks!

Thanks for the great words, I appreciate it a lot. I would be happy to help with that. Could I kindly ask you to contact me at dylanjkotze@gmail.com so I can assist you with this? Thanks.


Como puedo pagarte para comprar  no puedo entrar a pay pal

Could I ask if you could send me an email to deadrevolvermusic@gmail.com and then I will provide you with an alternate method of getting the assets as soon as possible.

Thank you.


love it!!

Thanks, I appreciate it!


Bro I want to buy your asset but I can't use paypal how can I buy with another way.

Thanks for the message. I have sent you a reply via email.


These are great! I was wondering, is it alright to use these as a base, and draw a character over them (with credit to you, of course), or are they only intended as prototype sprites for a game, to be used as-is?


Hi there, thanks so much.

Yes that is more than alright and is one of the ways I intended on using it as well and you can make any changes to it :) No credit required at all either.


Alrighty, thanks so much!


Very nice!
Are those compatible with unity?


They look to be .png files, so my guess would be yes. I havent bought this yet, though.


yes they are compatible

Thanks! Yes, they are completely compatible with Unity. The package includes individual sprites as well as sprite sheets based on your preference.

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Thank you, but where do I find the email? 


Hi, it is dylanjkotze@gmail.com

Well, are there free assets like this nice asset?

Thanks for getting in touch. The asset isn't currently free, but if you can contact me via email, I would be able to help if you are not currently able to afford the assets.

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My friend, can I get the assets for free

Hi there,

If you downloaded the assets when it was free and would like the update, I would be happy to send it to you if you send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.com.

I got the free version at the time, is it possible to get the updated version?? 

Hi. Sure. Please send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.co.za and I will send that.

Kindest regards,


Hi there,

My sincere apologies, it seems I entered my email incorrectly in the previous message and just wanted to confirm that it is dylanjkotze@gmail.com.


I think you should remove the preview gif or people can use these animations without paying


or if you allow people to use it for free if they want, there is a support the artist or just download setting on itch.io, you can enable that setting and people can support you if they want.


Thank you for noticing that. I will look into a solution to changing that. Appreciate the feedback.


Great asset. Will there be more animations? Like walking and ladder climbing maybe?

Hi, thank you. These are animations that I do plan on adding. At the moment, time is scarce with my day job and other projects but I do hope to find the time soon to add these animations and will update you when they are added.


Thanks. Good luck with other projects. 


Just want to say this is amazing work for the cost! I also want to give you a big thanks for uploading the sprite sheets the way you did. It instantly uploads the each labeled sheet into gamemaker without needing to manually adjust  the frame size and upload. Saves so much time!

I know you're already doing more animations based on the comments, but do you think this will ever get punch/kick/throw something animations as well? Cheers!

Thank you, and I am glad to hear that.

I have planned to add melee combat animations, and will add these to the request list as soon as the others are done. Thanks for the suggestions.


Hi, I can't use Paypal in my country, is there any other way to buy this?


Sorry about that. If you could please send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.com I can assist you further with this.



I have to say, I really like this character animation! I am glad I bought it. I am wondering what animations you are making next. I am making a 2d parkour game so I would like to know which new moves I could add :D

Thanks for the art!



Thank you for that! The next animations on the list, that have been requested will be walking animations, blocking animations and shooting animations.



Thanks so much!


If you are updating the pack I would make it $10... It is worth the price. 

1 suggestion - when you export could you possibly include a sprite sheet for the animations and call them for exmaple

idle_strip7 (the reason for this is using game maker it will unpack the animation strip automatically) so you put the name of the animation with an _strip and then no spaces and a number of frames.

Thanks - I appreciate that.

I am working on this now and will update it as soon as I have figured out writing a script to do this automatically. I will let you know once it is done.

Sorry, it took a bit longer than expected. I have now added an update for this, and you should find all the animations as strips in the _sheets folder, in the format name_strip4.png for example.

Hope this helps.


honestly man seeing people ask for free version or $1 versions is sad. Personally i think this is one of the most beneficial asset packs on itch. It is perfect for platformer prototyping Thank you @DeadRevolver so much for your work!

Thanks for the support and kind words I really appreciate it.

To be honest, I thought when updating the price that people who got it when it was free would still have access to it, so it was a mistake on my end. So I am happy to provide it to the users who got it back when it was free.

Thanks again, it means a lot.


I got the free version back then is it possible to get the updated version?

Yes. Please send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.com and I will send the update. Thanks.


i missed a click i just want to pay $1 can I get a refund I will rebuy it immediately pls

Hi. Sorry for the trouble. I have sent the refund now. Please let me know if you received it. Thanks.


Damn I got this for free back then is it possible to get the updated version?

Hi there, sorry about that.

Of course. I would be happy to send you the updated version. Can you send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.com so I can send it to you.


Hello, sir! I did got this asset when it was free. It's still means I can use it, for commercial purpose, right ? I have old pack just with movement animations.

Yes, that is correct, you can still use it for commercial purposes. If you could send me an email to dylanjkotze@gmail.com, I would be happy to send you the updated version.


HI! Maybe it is too much to ask for, but can you add one or two blocking animations with the sword? It would be awesome!

Hi there,

Thanks for the request. I have added this to the list of animations to add as soon as I get the time and the other requested animations are done.


PLEASE add shooting and reloading (small, medium, large guns, etc) and you definitely have a supporter in us!


You're very skilled and the animations are super solid! Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks so much! It truly means a lot.

I have added the shooting and reloading animations to the request list to add as soon as I get time (once I have added the other promised animations such as walking), but just wanted to ask to confirm if you want the shooting to be 2-directional (left and right only) or left, up, right and down or something else entirely? Thanks.


I have bought the asset really well made. I wish for an walk cycle if that's possible. Awesome Work Buy the Way Great Stuff!!!.


Hi, thank you very much.

A walk cycle is on the todo list to add soon and I will let you know when it is added.


Thank you!!!!


would like to buy it, can't pay with paypal though. q~q

Can you send me a message to dylanjkotze@gmail.com or let me know how I can contact you privately to find an alternative payment method as I don't currently have any other payment options on itch.io. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello, can I use just the white dude on my game? 
i fully paid and if needed I'll credit aswell

Hi there. Yes, of course. You can use it anywhere, commercially as well, and no credit is required at all.

do you plan to add block animation?


I have now added this to the request list to add as soon as possible, which might be next week.


What a great project! 

I'm gonna buy it but I need normal walking sprite, will you add that?

It would be great for me.

Hi, that's awesome to hear.

I would be really happy to add this, but am not able to add it this week unfortunately due to time constraints. I have added it to the animation request list, but will most probably only be able to add it next week.

Sorry about that.


Thats ok, thanks for reply

ya compre ahora como lo descargo

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay as it is now Monday here. I received your emails now and sent another link to download this to your email. Additionally, I would suggest reading the docs here: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Please let me know if you received it.

Thanks for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.


will you be adding melee animations like punch and kick? :)

loving the pack so far btw

Yes, I'll definitely be adding melee combat animations as soon as I get the time.

Really glad to hear you are liking it so far.

Deleted 270 days ago


You can still use them if you used it before when it was free and no credit is required. So feel free to use it for your future games!

Sorry for any confusion, and hope this helps :)



Hey there. These animations are great! I'm using them for prototyping in Unity at the moment and everything works like a charm! :)

Maybe an animation for climbing up a ladder would be cool though. (Ladders like in super mario or ladders that are on the side of a wall so the character faces the direction while climbing (similar to the wall slide))

Awesome. That's a great suggestion, thanks. I have added it to the list to add as soon as I am able to, along with bow and arrow and a few other animations.


Using it in a game for prototyping. The animations look great.

That's awesome. Best of luck with the game! And thanks so much for the compliment.

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Hey fam idk if you remember me from earlier but I'm the guy who suggested a simple walk cycle.

Check out and play the game I'm making with this:


I've written a brief of what I intend to make out of it in the description.

Hey - of course I do. I haven't forgotten about the walk cycle, I will do that soon.

I would love to check out the game, but the link seems to go to a 'Not found' page. Has it perhaps been removed or moved to another URL?


that's strange. The link works for me. Just click the download button and it automatically downloads the zip file for you.

Thank you. Unfortunately it still seems to show that the page is not found. Is it possible that it is private and not set to public yet?

Sorry for being a bother - I am just excited to see it.

(1 edit)

Oh my god my bad lmao. I saved it as a draft. I made it public now you should be able to see it:

Stealth Platformer by kasragamedev (itch.io)

Ah, haha. Thought it was maybe something I was doing wrong.

I just tested the game and love it so far. I left a comment on it. Really great job dude!


Desgraçado está fazendo eu gasta dinheiro em dólar... 

Mas só vou comprar porque é de qualidade, espero que continue assim, parabéns aos envolvidos.
Good Job!


Hi - I apologize for that. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and will continue to keep it as high quality as I can, with more combat animations coming soon.


i love you and your job <3, but paypal hates me, wait for my money


Thank you - sorry for the frustration. If PayPal doesn't work, please contact me via email at dylanjkotze@gmail.com and I will find a different solution.

Thanks for your support.

Deleted 107 days ago

Hi - I am really sorry for the confusion.

I wanted to be able to get time to work on more animations for it, and adding new sprites (like the combat animations). And for that, I made it $1 to make it a bit financially sustainable.

I honestly thought that it would still be downloadable for free for people who downloaded it before it was set to $1, sorry about that. If you could send me your email, I can send you the update as you downloaded it while it was free.

same here revolver you even responded to my comment and added the combat animations that i asked that is awesome , here is my email krishnarocks1900@gmail.com

heyy never mind i brought it :D 

Ah, I am really sorry and feel bad now. I genuinly thought it would be free for people who already downloaded. I should've done more research.

Sorry for the delay, I would've sent it to your email, but due to my timezone, I only saw your post now.

Thanks and I am really sorry for the confusion.


no its really fine i wanted to support to anyways so this gave me a reason , great work looking forward for any more updates , like bow and stuff :D 


Thanks - I truly appreciate it.

Will make sure to work on the bow and stuff next :) Thanks.

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